• 10 Lessons

    Building Games on AWS: Introduction

    Welcome to Building Games on AWS, an AWS Game Tech YouTube series where we teach you how to use AWS to build games! Building Games on AWS will cover a variety of topics, including analytics for games, AI/ML for games, hosting game servers, game engine integration, and more.
  • 11 Lessons

    Careers in Animation: Unreal Futures

    Why real-time animation? When instant feedback is on the table, teams can completely rethink how—and when—work gets done, ushering in a shift that is already starting to remap the industry. In this free course, you’ll learn the ropes via video tutorials and interviews with real-time artists currently using Unreal Engine on major projects for Disney, Reel FX, and WildBrain Studios. All the while, you’ll be working towards creating a new portfolio piece that will bring you one step closer to your next job. Try our free Careers in Animation course today!
  • 35 Lessons

    Games Careers Path in the Middle East with Joseph Azzam

    Across the globe, Unreal Engine and the adoption of real-time 3D has swept across industries, transforming them seemingly overnight. This transformation has opened up new,…
  • 23 Lessons

    Unity 101 – Game Development Fundamental

    Are you looking for an entryway to creating your own games? Many people feel overwhelmed when starting out developing games, many people quit because of…
  • 6 Lessons

    بلندر لمطوري الألعاب

    كورس نتعلم فيه برنامج البليندر لصنع شخصية ثلاثية الأبعاد